Music unites – people, nations and cultures.
Music transcends – frontiers, agendas and constraints.

This is the message Leverkusen sends out to the world. That "little" Leverkusen, sandwiched between Cologne and Düsseldorf? Yes, Leverkusen - city of the internationally renowned Leverkusener Jazztage, and since 2004 also in the field of classical music, thanks to Werner Ehrhardt and his world-renowned orchestra, l'arte del mondo.  

Become a part of this message - as a member of the "Freunde von l'arte del mondo Leverkusen e.V." association. Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of this internationally acclaimed orchestra of our city. Support the performance of masterpieces of our classical music tradition with young talents and famous guest soloists, the creation and realisation of cross-genre, intercultural projects, the performance of forgotten musical works in captivating productions, as well as concert series for children.  

With your contribution, you support the diversity musical events in our city and beyond. Experience the unique ensemble l'arte del mondo at first hand, which shapes musical life in Leverkusen and acts as the city's cultural ambassador on the international stage.  

As a free ensemble, l'arte del mondo depends also on personal and civil commitment. With your membership you can make a difference for as little as 20 EUR a year!

Freunde von l’arte del mondo Leverkusen e.V.
Dhuennstrasse 123, 51373 Leverkusen
Tel. +49 (0) 214 50 69 90 55

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