Israel in Egypt

This project has been created on the basis of the common history and roots of the three monotheistic religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The aim of the project is a vision of the respect and the peaceful coexistence between the peoples, regardless of cultures and religions; it is a symbol of the liberation from dependence and oppression.

The artistic directors, Yair Dalal and Werner Ehrhardt, aim to expand the encounter and the understanding of their respective cultures in a unique way.

One part of this goal focuses on the audience, which is shown a new approach and vision through the merging of original works by Händel with traditional Jewish and Muslim works. At the same time, it is attempted to foster a comprehension of the Other, perhaps even of what appears strange about the lesser-known religion or culture, by interlocking the different musical languages.

In this way, the public and the artists experience respect, tolerance and understanding of the other culture through the power of music.

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