Matthew-Passion 2727

Photographer: Kfir Bolotin

Kamea Dance Company

Photographer: Kfir Bolotin

Kantorei Barmen-Gemarke


Cancelled: Matthew-Passion 2727 - April 2020 tour

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the April 2020 tour with our „St. Matthew-Passion-2727“ cannot take place. The Kamea Dance Company cannot leave Israel due to the Covid-19 related current Israeli travel regulations.

Not only Kamea's choreographer Tamir Ginz is very sad not to be able to stage this unique production again next month - we all were looking forward to it very much. We very much hope that there can be catch-up dates.

Kamea Dance Company
Kantorei Barmen-Gemarke / Vox Bona
l’arte del mondo
, Werner Ehrhardt

Bach’s musical rendering of Christ’s passion is regarded as one of the quintessential masterpieces of western classical sacred music. It is a major work of cultural heritage that brings together peoples. Against the background of the questions raised here, 75 minutes full of tension will enfold, “inspired” by the spirit of Bach’s St ­Matthew Passion. This dance performance of Bach’s music will not transpose ideologies or theorems onto the stage. Rather, the audience will be confronted aurally and visually by ­universal human experience, by emotions familiar to people all over the world: suffering and envy, grief and betrayal. These emotions will take shape, in the voice and form of well-known characters: in dance interpretations of the arias of Judas and Peter, Pilate and Jesus and the voice of the common people. Beginning with the final chorale ”We sit down in tears“, listeners will experience a kaleidoscope of scenes from the passion that relate to their own experience. By re-ordering the musical score, the listeners’ experience will be pried open, stimulated, and ­invigorated. Chorales provide the dramaturgical resting points, structuring the evening with vibrant contemplation.

Dance, as a means of physical expression, will pervade the action on stage, accompanied by a live orchestra and choir, with subtle lighting to highlight specific characters. The Kantorei Barmen-Gemarke and l’arte del mondo are ensembles that combine traditional performance with contemporary vision.

That gave rise to the idea of bringing a visual component to Bach’s music through modern dance. Experiencing a work of art of this magnitude simultaneously with the eyes and ears creates an extremely intense experience for the audience. The language of modern dance is the perfect counterpoint to Bach’s eloquent music.

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