Antonio Salieri: La Fiera di Venezia

La Fiera di Venezia, the witty Buffo opera written by Antonio Salieri at the age of 22, was premiered in Vienna on 29 January 1772 and enjoyed great acclaim throughout Europe. It was even translated into Russian and Danish, and until 1821 it was regularly performed throughout Europe. Since then, the opera has been waiting for its more than worthwhile rediscovery, which Werner Ehrhardt and l'arte del mondo will realize in 2018.

Antonio Salieri was one of the most popular opera composers in Europe at his time and, with his unique liveliness and wit, was not only a very strong role model for colleagues like Mozart. His energetic music continues much further up to the sparkling operas of Gioacchino Rossini...

La Fiera di Venezia stands out even among Salieri's works: The Venetian colouring that runs through the opera is inimitable, and Salieri ingeniously translates it into music. Equally unique is Salieri's art of orchestration and instrumentation, which - in contrast to the "mainstream" of his time - repeatedly exposes individual instruments and combines them again and again with the voices of the singers. Mozart was obviously also enthusiastic about this work: it was only one year after its premiere when he wrote variations for piano on an aria from La Fiera di Venezia.

Film director Miloš Forman created a great film and box-office hit with his famous Amadeus, but gave an irreparable damage Mozart's composer colleague Antonio Salieri’s image, which he definitely does not deserve. Because his music is ingenious, and he certainly didn't want to hurt Mozart.

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